Mac 2011 powerpoint embed youtube

embed youtube video powerpoint mac 2011

What do you think of our tutorial? Did we miss any steps or methods for adding a YouTube video to your next PowerPoint? Let us know what you think in the comments section below! Table of Contents. David McWhite.

Not that many cool graphics? Lack of creative texts? Presentation Design Your Portable Guide to the Visual Hierarchy, June When you operate as a white collar worker, your job might have a lot to do with creating presentations or…. If you want to create valuable…. If you do it right, you should see eight small white "selection handles" appear at the corners and sides.

How To Put A Youtube Video In Powerpoint For Mac

Delete the video how to delete quickly , then insert another one how to insert quickly. If you're using Web Video Player with a presentation and then open that presentation in PowerPoint or , you will still be able to use all the normal PowerPoint features, but the video will appear as a static image. Once you reopen the presentation in a supported more-recent version of PowerPoint, the video will play properly again.

And it supports Web Video Player. Some users have reported a bug on Mac OS Yosemite that causes the sound to play against a black or white screen, without video displayed. Apple has corrected this issue in Mac OS Sierra.

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  6. Insert a video from YouTube or another site.

If you have suggestions, requests for features you'd find useful, comments, bug reports, or you need help with something that isn't explained well above, please let me know at webvideoplayer outlook. The add-in never collects, stores, or transmits information that can be used to identify you, except for PayPal data: If you use PayPal to contribute, then PayPal provides Web Video Player with the email address and name from your PayPal account.

Google is used to track traffic, so they do collect metadata such as how many people use the add-in and how often, but not any personally-identifiable information. Web Video Player is provided with basic video insertion and playing for free.

How to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint mac?

It's funded via voluntary contributions, which can be made through PayPal from the Mac or Windows versions of Office. You must sign in to Office in the top right corner with a work, school, or personal account before purchasing.

Best Video Formats to Insert in PowerPoint on Windows/Mac

Once a user contributes, the add-in stores their Office account identifier in a database. From then on, those users get access to premium features. Those users also get a promise to never see adds in Web Video Player, now and in the future. These premium features work no matter what computer, document, or operating system you use for Web Video Player.

Inserting a Movie into your Powerpoint Presentation

The number of files enabled for the single contribution is unlimited. The only requirement is that you sign in to Office.

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Here is the current list of premium features. All of these are awarded to users who contribute: Autoplay lets you configure the video to start playing when the add-in loads, without needing to click the Play button. If you select this option, the video will automatically start playing when you go to the slide with the video and, as usual, stop automatically when you leave the slide.