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Vaughn, Daniel J. Zimmerle, David M. Martinez, Laurie L. Williams, Allen L. Robinson, Austin L. Mitchell, R. Subramanian, Daniel S. Tkacik, Joseph R. Roscioli, and Scott C. Life cycle well-to-wheel energy and environmental assessment of natural gas as transportation fuel in Pakistan.

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Applied Energy , , Amir Sharafian, S. Rasoul Asaee, Omar E. Policy implications of liquefied natural gas use in heavy-duty vehicles: Examples in Canada and British Columbia. Journal of Infrastructure Systems , 25 1 , Is there a future for the gas network in a low carbon energy system?. Energy Policy , , The impact of fuel cell vehicle deployment on road transport greenhouse gas emissions: The China case. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy , 43 50 , Energies , 11 12 , Joshuah K.

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Stolaroff, Constantine Samaras, Emma R. Mitchell, Daniel Ceperley. Energy use and life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of drones for commercial package delivery. Nature Communications , 9 1 DOI: Need for a marginal methodology in assessing natural gas system methane emissions in response to incremental consumption. Natural gas vehicles in heavy-duty transportation-A review. Well-to-wheel GHG emissions and mitigation potential from light-duty vehicles in Macau.

Alessandro Giordano, Paul Fischbeck, H. Scott Matthews.

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  6. Environmental and economic comparison of diesel and battery electric delivery vans to inform city logistics fleet replacement strategies. Decarbonizing intraregional freight systems with a focus on modal shift.

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    Environmental Research Letters , 13 8 , Investigation of water-energy-emission nexus of air pollution control of the coal-fired power industry: A case study of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, China. Journal of Low Carbon Economy , 07 02 , Michael A. The role of natural gas and its infrastructure in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, improving regional air quality, and renewable resource integration. Progress in Energy and Combustion Science , 64 , Energy consumption and well-to-wheels air pollutant emissions of battery electric buses under complex operating conditions and implications on fleet electrification.

    Journal of Cleaner Production , , Life cycle ownership cost and environmental externality of alternative fuel options for transit buses. Energy , , Wells to wheels: Environmental implications of natural gas as a transportation fuel.

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    Modeling and control of fuel distribution in a dual-fuel internal combustion engine leveraging late intake valve closings. International Journal of Engine Research , 18 8 , Journal of Industrial Ecology , 21 4 , Taylor Zhou, Matthew J. Roorda, Heather L. Is widely used in making ceramic bone, glaze, and as filler in pain at foreign and local markets.

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