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The film was received mostly negatively by critics, who found it trite. Notch wrote a tweet joking about the initiative, implying that he won't change it [35]. More info can be found in the Enderman entry. The Silence [43] is a fictional "religious order or movement" led by an alien race of the same name in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who. With a design inspired by Munch's famous painting The Scream , the creatures are depicted as alien tall men wearing a black suit, white shirt, necktie and having a strange, twisted, featureless face.

They are also reported to have some kind of mind-control power that makes people have memory loss when they look away after seeing them, which is quite similar to the abilities shown by The Operator , [44] Marble Hornets' own version of the Slender Man myth. Though the phrase "Silence will fall" recurred throughout the series of Doctor Who, the Silence were not seen until the series' episode The Impossible Astronaut , opener of the 6th season.

It is not clear if the producers were partly inspired by the meme when creating their own vilain for the show.

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On May 31st, , TMJ4 [66] News in Waukesha, Wisconsin reported that two year-old girls, Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, were arrested on charges of attempted first-degree intentional homicide after allegedly trying to kill their mutual friend by stabbing her 19 times. The victim survived the attack and remains hospitalized. According to the criminal complaint, the victim had spent the night before at a sleepover with Geyser and Weier, who lured her into nearby woods the next morning to "play a game," before they held her down on the ground and stabbed her 19 times in the arms, legs and torso.

The report also revealed that the crime may have been motivated by the two teenagers' obsession with the Slenderman mythology, particularly in the idea of becoming a "proxy of Slender" by physically killing someone. More information can be found in its respective Know Your Meme entry. On June 6th, , WLWT News in Hamilton, Ohio reported that the myth of Slenderman may have been implicated in another stabbing incident of a mother by her year-old daughter.

According to the victim, who asked not to be identified, she was attacked by her daughter, whom she says was waiting in the kitchen for her with a mask over her face and her hands covered with her sleeves, upon returning home from work. Though it is unclear when the incident occurred, WLWT reported that the woman made the connection after learning about last week's report of two Wisconsin teenagers' stabbing and discovering that her daughter had been obsessed with Slenderman.

The woman suffered minor injuries as a result of the attack, including cuts on her neck and face and a puncture wound on her back, and the teenager is facing charges. Tomberry : Please introduce yourself a little. Who is Victor Surge? How long has he been a SA goon and how active is he there? Victor Surge : I've been a goon for about four years, but I've lurked in the forums since ' I'm not a large poster, but I spent a few years in EVE Online's goonfleet and spend a lot of time reading threads in the forums.

I don't spent a lot of active time on the Internet since I usually have a lot of real-life stuff going on. T : Back In June , 10th to be precise, what motivated you to join the "create paranormal images" kind of contest on SomethingAwful forums? VS : It was pretty spontaneous. I saw some of the pictures in the thread and just decided to make something that I myself would find creepy. T : What was your sources of inspiration in creating your first two pictures dealing with a strange figure that you called "The Slender Man"? How did people react to it? VS : I was mostly influenced by H. Burroughs, and couple games of the survival horror genre; Silent Hill and Resident Evil.

I used these to formulate asomething whose motivations can barely be comprehended and causes general unease and terror in a general population. T : What was your reaction when people started creating pictures and stories about your newborn myth, in parallel with yours? Did you think it would get that much popular and spread to others websites 4chan, Kongregate, Facepunch… as quickly as it did, gaining the status of "Internet Urban Legend" and a meme?

VS : It was amazing to see people create their own little part of Slender Man in order to perpetuate his existance. I didn't expect it to move beyong the SA forums. And when it did, I found it interesting to watch as sort of an accelerated version of an urban legend. It differs from the prior concept of the urban legend in that it is on the Internet, and this both helps and harms the status of the Slender Man as one.

In my personal opinion, an urban legend requires an audience ignorant of the origin of the legend. It needs unverifiable third and forth hand or more accounts to perpetuate the myth. On the Internet, anyone is privy to its origins as evidenced by the very public Somethingawful thread. But what is funny is that despite this, it still spread. Internet memes are finicky things and by making something at the right place and time it can swell into an "Internet Urban Legend".

T : Did you help with their series of videos at the time, more than 26 episodes? Was it more of a tribute to your work? What was your reaction toward it and their own popularity as a series on Youtube? VS : I had nothing to do with their series of videos or any other that may have anything seemingly to do with the Slender Man. I'm keeping my projects close to my chest in a plastic bag with the rest of my organs.

I hope other groups create new concepts and make series of videos. Not necessarily a horror series or somehing about the paranormal, but productions using all sorts of subject matter and in multiple genres. I think the Marble Hornets project's strongest point is showing what you can achieve with this medium. T : One year later, people still seem to continue to like the Slender Man character, enough to make the Marble Hornets crew consider about a new season. Do you still get recognition from time to time about Slender Man?

Has that character changed your way of browsing the web? T : Do you have anything to add on what has been said, or any last word you would want to say to the readers? VS : Before you had angels and succubi, and then ghosts and spirits, today we have shadow people and inter-dimensional beings.

The Slender Man, and other newly created entities, are just the newest addition in the progression of a long, and very real, human tradition.

This game provides examples of:

Thanks everybody! View All Videos. View All Images. Some kid actually thought Slenderman was real and performed a sacrifice ritual on his friend? Know Your Meme is an advertising supported site and we noticed that you're using an ad-blocking solution. By using this site, you are agreeing by the site's terms of use and privacy policy and DMCA policy. No thanks, take me back to the meme zone! Like us on Facebook! The reaction was suprisingly good so I continued making pictures based on Slender Man. VS : There have been a couple of e-mails, but I don't know them personally.

VS : I do on occasion, but I like it to stay mysterious does interview. You've seen him, now you can't unsee him. T : Thank you very much again for your time. View All Related Entries. Slender Man Trailer But it's Slender Man Uploaded by catnipbag. Slender Man Uploaded by ri. Look at the Razer lineup. They are crushing it on terms of performance and style in hardware design. Chuck Toporek :. I actually use and rely upon that top row too much to feel comfortable with the idea of a touch bar. Why do I believe this? Seth Lewin :. Apple no longer makes anything I care to buy.

Flat statement. Sad to admit after nearly 30 years of buying their products but true. Apple could care less what its customers think or say or want, it seems. Ruffin Bailey :. Alex Guyot :. The new trackpad is 2 times larger than the trackpad on the previous MacBook Pro for the inch machine.

Other than the increased size this is the same Force Touch trackpad that has been shipping on MacBook Pros since last year. No longer are MacBooks safe from people tripping over power cords while they are charging.

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Lloyd Chambers :. The people at Apple no longer have a clue what is desirable in a computer. At this, Apple is now incompetent. Tim Cook thinks everyone should just use an iPad. Out of touch with the reality of what core traditional Mac users is an understatement: yes iPhone and iPad are popular. Which is precisely why computers should distinguish themselves as computers.

Not iPad-like stripped down gimmicks. Instead Apple pursues convergence. I think the next few years will be awkward and actual real-world use of MacBooks will look more like the lone airport electrical outlet than the sleek design in the Apple presentations. The price of a dock will seem too expensive and many people will opt for a death by a thousand dongles. But, I think this is a transitional period leading to a much better future. The new MacBook Pro — impressive though it is — also happens to be spendy for even professional users.

Juli Clover :. Schiller says Apple cares about price, but has to design for experience rather than cost. They look incredibly powerful, ridiculously thin, and have amazing displays. While there is no new MacBook Air available for purchase, Apple is continuing to offer the inch MacBook Air models that were last updated in According to the document, while all of the ports on the inch MacBook Pro and the inch MacBook Pro without a Touch Bar offer full Thunderbolt 3 performance, only two of the four ports on the inch MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar support Thunderbolt 3 at full performance.

Stephen Foskett :. See, that simple-looking port hides a world of complexity, and the thankful backward-compatibility uses different kinds of cables for different tasks. Shoppers have to be very careful to buy exactly the right cable for their devices! The core issue with USB-C is confusion: Not every USB-C cable, port, device, and power supply will be compatible, and there are many different combinations to consider.

Seriously: Using the wrong cable can damage your machine! This should not be possible, but there it is. Professionals are more interested in sheer performance, in machines that can be upgraded and expanded down the road. I know a few people who are barely comfortable with Considering the non-trivial investment when you purchase one at its maximum tech specs, these MacBook Pros are supposed to last a few years. Jeff Johnson :. These are people who already had blank checks written to Apple but had to tear up the checks.

The table below summarizes various options for using existing displays, card readers, Thunderbolt 2 devices, USB devices, etcetera on the late MacBook Pro the 13" and 15" models both have the same type of ports, 4 ports for the 15" model, 2 ports for the 13" model. If the strategy here is to kill off the Mac brand, while focusing only on the iPhone, then I think they are well on their way. I feel like this can go one of two ways.

One of these is a future where Apple is a pillar of the desktop and laptop community, one of these is a future where the Mac is both expensive and underperforms. Could I ask you about your experience with this model? Brian Benchoff via Hacker News :. In the past, I have defended people who choose MacBooks as their laptop of choice. A MacBook is a business-class laptop, and of course carries a higher price tag.

Steven Levy via Hacker News :. This week had the rare circumstance of two aged-but-still-sprightly competitors unveiling products on successive days. On Wednesday, Microsoft— formerly the heavyweight champion of the personal computer world on the basis of its software—actually introduced its first desktop computer. It features a ginormous inch touch-screen and an ingenious dial for precision zooming and menu-selecting. A day later, Apple ended the long wait for laptop users yearning for an upgrade by unveiling a new line of MacBook Pros. Matthew Johnson :. In I do not want to charge, carry, and maintain two devices just because there are two important interaction models, each of which is better suited to some tasks and circumstances than the other.

In many respects this is reminiscent of how it felt in and to carry a cell phone and an iPod everywhere you go. But presenting the new MacBook Pro and Touch Bar as a truly revolutionary announcement, cast in a historical light, coming at the end of an extremely long dry spell falls flat. Chuq Von Rospach :. Am I going to be pushed to Premiere and Audition in the next two years? Where are the updates to the desktop line? Where are the developer-class macs? And what about users who need high hardware with larger memory configurations? Is Apple really suggesting they head off to Microsoft instead?

Update : Milen Dzhumerov Hacker News :. Apple appears to be offering the highest end Polaris 11 part available: the Radeon The monitor not being Apple branded means it is no longer Apple supported. If your Mac had three year AppleCare, your monitor was covered for three years too. And your monitor was serviced at the same local stores your Mac was serviced at. The sad thing about all this, is just how unnecessary it feels. It wold not take much for Apple to delight hardcore Mac users. Which still have top notch industrial design. Which still have the best operating system.

Which still have the best third party apps on any desktop platform. Which are still the best option for most people in the world. Tim Bray Hacker News :. The killer feature of the late Apple MacBook Pro may be its wide-gamut display, the best ever offered by Apple, and perhaps the best in any laptop—to be seen.

The 1 disappointment with the late Apple MacBook Pro is its 16GB memory limit, which inherently places a performance limitation on professional usage. The true reason behind the lack of 32gb or ddr4 is intel. Kabylake is set to include support, but only for the U category of chips. So do the zbook from HP. Update : Maciej Ceglowski as Benjamin Button :. Everything about the new machine seems designed for typists. The keys themselves are much more comfortable to type on, with improved key travel, a softer feel, and more satisfying tactile feedback.

And not having a TouchBar means no longer having to look down at your hands all the time. Now, the MacBook Pro is not everything I want in a laptop. It is most certainly not everything that I want in a desktop computer. The level of pushback from the MacBook Pro event is staggering. I sure hope someone at Apple who can make a difference is paying attention. Chuq Von Rospach tweet , Hacker News :. Under the assumption that there are updated desktops coming after the first of the year, I think it would have made sense to mention that, just so users waiting for them can stop feeling abandoned.

The fact is, the Mac product line itself is becoming a niche product, because the days of the personal computer have started the shift back to where computers will be a hobby for the nerd and for the mainstream user, devices which use computers to enable tasks are starting to replace them: that includes tablets, but also gaming consoles and whatever it is that will ultimately take ownership of the living room. What I actually want, though, is a powerful desktop Mac that can compile my apps really, really fast.

Apple has always been a premium brand and its loyal customers have embraced it. Today this increase in price stands in a stark contrast to the decrease in software quality in the last years and the product design issues I discussed. Roman Loyola via Kirk McElhearn :. Jeff Carlson :. Robert Cringely via Hacker News :.

Yes, Apple has a problem — a problem most other companies would love to have: customers like the products too much so the market is becoming saturated. Peter Sphilio via Hacker News :. Why do some car and motorcycle companies have the courage to devote significant resources to racing?

The reason Apple should spend money on creating and marketing true professional hardware is the very same reason for which car and motorcycle companies devote significant resources to racing; because it provides them with credibility. When motor companies race, they are affirming their ability to create the very best possible product, the one that no other group can challenge.

Brian Fagioli via Slashdot , Hacker News :. You see, immediately after the Apple Keynote, famed Ubuntu laptop and desktop seller, System76, saw a huge jump in traffic from people looking to buy its machines. Microsoft is now appealing directly to creative professionals with hardware, and software innovations.

Slender gimme 20 dollars download

Apple is introducing solid, workhorse devices that lack the magic of previous updates. Ben Slaney via Greg Koenig :. The Federal Aviation Administration has capped the maximum allowable size of laptop batteries on flights to watt-hours. Seems like this is where USB-C battery packs could come in handy. John Gruber :. The second paragraph above shows the difference. In any case, the second paragraph expresses pretty much the same sentiment and clearly includes Macs, and Cook declined to elaborate when interviewed a year later about the MacBook Pro.

John Gruber tweet :. Many actual pro users would be delighted by that. Apple simply places a higher priority on thinness and lightness than performance-hungry pro users do. Ron Offringa :. Typically when Apple makes big changes to their products they explain them. Why is 1 port better than 2? Why is a keyboard that is tolerated at best now standard?

Update : Dave Mark :. Apple did a superlative job with the MacBook Pro reveal. The Touch Bar itself is a thing of beauty, but Apple prepared well here, bringing a variety of apps to the stage to put the Touch Bar through its paces, to show how this Touch Bar makes possible a brand new way of interacting with your computer. This is so much more than what I expected, so much more than programmable soft keys.

Dave Mark :. But there are a lot of fair complaints in this list, insights that are worth paying attention to. In conversation over two years ago, we converged on an assumption: Apple and Microsoft will taper off their investments in pro hardware and software while they chase bigger, easier money in the consumer and enterprise spaces. History being known to repeat itself, we saw a moment on the horizon not unlike the one in which NeXT and Be emerged. We figured there were some instructive lessons from the histories of those upstarts.

We wondered if the right team could move pro computing forward today, and by measures beyond small increments. Lucas Mearian via Mike Rundle :. Apple, a company that has led the laptop industry in its use of PCIe solid-state drives SSDs , again upped the ante in performance with its latest refresh of the MacBook Pro, which may be the highest performing stock system on the market. Manton Reece tweet :.

I might have doubts about the Mac product line, but overall I like the new MacBooks. The outrage seems overblown. I tend to agree. As I said at the top, these new MacBook Pros are not what I was looking for, and I have concerns about the Mac product line, but the level of outrage is way beyond what I expected when writing this post.

For a developer work machine, 16GB is the uncomfortable minimum requirement. Update : John Martellaro :. If you are a technical or creative professional, a MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar is going to be your thing. Sean Hollister :. It might not have Apple software developers questioning whether the company has lost its way. Not all of them, anyhow. Chuq Von Rospach tweet :. Apple did a great job of introducing two new trees while ignoring the forest dying of drought around us. The more I think about it, the more I think that sums up my discomfort with the announcements this week.

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In , Steve introduced his new philosophy for what products should have using this grid. So here we are, the New Grid. The personality is leaving. The upgrade path is non-existent. Maybe the only saving grace is that Macs still run macOS, still the best operating system out there. And it could be that I would be just fine owning one of the new MacBook Pros. Colin Cornaby :. Ben Lovejoy Hacker News :. All joking aside, I do worry, reading my Twitter timeline over the past few days, that some people actually believe Apple makes decisions based on what the executives personally want, rather than what data tells them is viable.

Phil Schiller Slashdot , MacRumors :. These are pro machines. But many users have setups with studio monitors, amps, and other pro audio gear that do not have wireless solutions and need the 3. There has certainly been a lot of passionate dialogue and debate about the new MacBook Pro! Many things have impressed people about it, and some have caused some controversy. I hope everyone gets a chance to try it for themselves and see how great the MacBook Pro is.

It is a really big step forward and an example of how much we continue to invest in the Mac.

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We love the Mac and are as committed to it, in both desktops and notebooks, as we ever have been. And we are proud to tell you that so far our online store has had more orders for the new MacBook Pro than any other pro notebook before. So there certainly are a lot of people as excited as we are about it. Unusual for Apple to defend design decisions like this. Problem is most people who transfer pictures want that SD. Something like that might be really elegant on a MacBook Pro, and would help prevent removing the card without ejecting it.

I have actually lost sleep since the announcement.

Please turn JavaScript on and reload the page.

I keep going over in my mind alternate hardware, but the fact is that macOS OS X is the single best operating system for developers today. I am generalizing "developers". Things work. Sure, there are edge cases there as well, but compared to the ultrabook you bought from Costco or any distribution of linux, you have much more support available. I do love my macbook pro glass trackpad, backlit keyboard, good display , but I absolutely must have macOS.

Elementary OS looks promising. Perhaps developers would fork Darwin completely and make a macOS competitor. It seems like gimmicks are added, but useful extras are stripped away. Marco Arment tweet , 2 :. But this is not how Apple thinks about transitions like this. They design for the future, and in doing so, they bring the future here faster. The new MacBook Pro features a second-generation version of the butterfly-style keys introduced in the MacBook. But Apple has me overlooking the mediocre keyboard with the inclusion of a giant trackpad and the Touch Bar — the most noteworthy feature in these new machines.

Cook always has. Michael Simon :. Rather, the latest flagship portables from Cupertino are more in line with the iPad Pro than the MacBook Pros they replace, and it could signal major changes ahead for the rest of the lineup. The Butterfly 2. I know a lot of people — DF readers, developer friends — who are deeply worried that Apple is sunsetting the Mac. Personally, I would prefer if they slowed down on major updates to MacOS and updated hardware more frequently with minor speed bumps.

Riccardo Mori :. Update : See also: MacRumors. Mike Wuerthele via Keir Thomas :. AppleInsider contacted Apple about the matter, and was told that the feature was removed due to a lack of customers using the functionality. The models with Touch Bar will not be in stock, even as demo units, for about a month. My primary use case for the SD card slot is for a Time Machine drive while traveling. Hotel network connections are too slow for Internet backup, and the SD cards are compact enough that I can leave them inserted while loading and unloading the MacBook Pro from my bag.

It would not fit in my laptop sleeve, and I would have to unmount it before disconnecting it. Update : Accidental Tech Podcast makes a lot of interesting points, particularly about what it means that Apple is getting out of the external display business. Greg Barbosa MacRumors :. This issue seems to specifically stem from the use of Texas Instruments controller chips in the Thunderbolt 3 devices. If true, this means that has Apple potentially shut out early adopters of the new technology.

To me the neglected part discussed was the touch pads. Why are they so big? Some people use a MacBook Pro primarily as a desktop machine that they want to be able to occasionally move around easily.

A different much larger group of people primarily want a powerful machine that they can run extended times on battery power and easily carry with them. For most of the life of the MacBook Pro the laptop met both these needs with only a few compromises. At least relative to the choices available at the time.

However I suspect the days of the MacBook Pro being able to meet both needs are gone. Leave the rest of the ports the same, put in a powerful Nvidea mobile GPU, have bigger fans, put in the top Intel chip, ignore the weight and be satisfied with battery life more akin to what the MacBook Pro had.

There is a group of Apple fans who would love this device. There are important differences, though. Jason Snell Hacker News :. Regardless, the Mac Pro has not been updated in an unconscionably long time. The current Mac Pro, which you can still buy, is three years old. The danger for Apple is how many people are on those margins, and how influential those people are. A larger danger for Apple, I think, is affordability. Yes, the one that was last updated a year and a half ago. I spent a considerable amount of time looking at the new lineup and thinking through how I intend to use the machine.

Ultimately I concluded that in addition to costing several hundreds more, the new models simply offer me less utility than the models. I think Apple wants to counter the notion that moving to all USB-C is a money grab — that they did it to make money selling adapters. I with video pros at the time and the panic was already setting in. A two year gap, like the one from to , was digestible. But at three years you start to wonder if the Mac Pro was going to be updated at all.

When Apple released the Mac Pro it never calmed the pro community. The Mac Pro a risky proposition for businesses because it was slower than Windows hardware, which translates to dollars on the bottom line. A job that takes twice as long to render costs twice as much. And that just continued to feed the narrative that investing in the Apple platform was a risky proposition. Marco Arment tweet , Hacker News :. The Mac Pro sweeps up countless edge cases with one product at the top of the line — the only downside is cost, but many pros would rather spend money than compromise on their needs.

Recently I worked on an application where we had about a dozen Mac Pros doing heavy video encoding workloads. Four of these computers started having GPU overheating issues, and turns out that this is a common occurrence on the Mac Pro. Craig Hockenberry tweet :. Licensing just the operating system was a disaster for Apple. Any partnership to build Mac hardware would need to be structured so that it benefits Apple, the partner, and customer alike.

Update : Jeff Carlson :. I still bought one. As I was deliberating, I wrote up the following list of reasons this MacBook Pro, at this time, is the new computer for me. But I thought that posting my thought process might help other people who are also weighing many of the same questions. Aniket Sharma :. And what I like is more travel than these keyboards offer. I find the lack of response in the keys unpleasant, but I can still type at full speed and accuracy when I use it. I do keep hitting the wrong arrow keys, though.

Chance Miller :. It brings MagSafe-like tech to USB-C connections, but there are a few things you should note before running out and purchasing one…. I think a lot of the anger in the community has more to do with the lack of Mac hardware in general than these specific laptops, but there are some real problems.

I know people myself included who were waiting for a quad-core latest generation Intel chip in the MacBook Pro which never came.

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Apple is charging premium prices for products that will be not entirely outdated, but certainly behind the curve in a short amount of time. The combination of limited and expensive options for memory and storage dramatically alters the value proposition of the MacBook Pro over the lifetime of the computer. Update : John Gruber :. This was posted 4 years ago, in response to the last major MacBook Pro redesign. The Mac community finds the specs underwhelming, even on the inch model, which uses power-sipping AMD Radeon graphics instead of the world-conquering Nvidia Pascal chips.

My hope is that Apple has a new, upgradeable Mac Pro in the works. Out of respect, I think Apple should give their pro users an olive branch here. If there is something in the pipeline, the company should tip its hand a little. Sam Mallery has a contrary perspective on MagSafe tweet. Jonathan Zdziarski via John Gruber :. The result? I ran out of things to do before I ever ran out of RAM. I only ever made it to I found this surprising because on a normal day I run fewer apps than that and yet frequently see lots of page outs. And when I do use those apps, it sounds like I work with smaller photo files than he does, and usually only one virtual machine at a time.

Susie Ochs :. Putting it to the test in Geekbench 4. But that single-core score is just 1 percent better than the entry-level inch MacBook Pro from early 2. It just never came. Not a year later, not two years later, and now not three years later. It might come next spring but no one outside Apple really knows for sure. And that creates an incredible amount of stress and anxiety in the community. I want to talk to some of the FUD that has led to a number of complaints, but first there are certainly a few areas where Apple could have done better and helped curb some of the unrest.

In order to prove that this future is the right future, Apple and third parties need to knock the functionality of the Touch Bar out of the park. I think we will find in the coming years that the all USB-C lifestyle will reduce peripheral complexity and make life actually easier. Update : Jason Snell :. This makes me wonder: To what degree are Retina Macs more expensive because the Retina display and the increased graphics power required to drive them adds to the cost of making the device, and to what degree is it a feature differentiator that Apple feels it can use as a way to get people to spend more money?

Update : Benjamin Mayo :. They may not be as good as the new MacBook Pro or iMac displays but they are leaps and beyonds ahead of what the Air has. Update : John Gordon :. Update : See also: Accidental Tech Podcast. Most common question about Touch Bar: does the blank spot to the left of Esc work as a touch target. Answer: half of it does. Jacob Kastrenakes :. There really is a lot of good stuff here. The difference between a menu opening left or right or up or down may seem slight, but the effect is very disorienting. There were times I felt lost in the Touch Bar, unable to return to the screen I wanted.

I had to keep looking down at the bar instead of looking at the images I was actually trying to edit.