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Since you've selected your virtual hard drive, make sure Erase disk and install Ubuntu is selected, and then click Continue. You'll need to create a user for your virtual machine: Put in your name, the name of the computer if different , pick a username, and then select and confirm a password. If you don't care to log in every time you start the virtual machine, just select "Log in automatically" and click Continue. For me, I decided to require a password lo log in. Now you are treated to an exciting slideshow of features while the Ubuntu installer does its magic.

When it is complete, you're asked to restart the machine: As soon as your virtual machine reboots, you're greeted with a login window if you selected that option , and then move to to the Ubuntu Desktop using the Unity Desktop Environment: At this point, you can choose to play around for a bit, browse the Ubuntu Software Center think of it as Ubuntu's App Store , tweak settings, and otherwise make yourself at home.

I would suggest, however, that before you do too much, that you make a few minor changes to your virtual machine. To do this, shut down your Ubuntu VM by clicking the little "power button" icon in the upper right corner of the window, then selecting Shut Down What we need to do is change the boot order so that VirtualBox knows where to look for the virtual machine file on the Mac. You want to change that by clicking on Hard Disk, then moving Hard Disk to the top of the list using the little arrows to the right of the boot device list.

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By the way, since your Mac doesn't have a floppy drive, uncheck that Floppy check box. Conclusion I was surprised at how little time it took to set up the Ubuntu virtual machine this time compared with Of course, the iMac I installed it on is much faster than the one I used four years ago, and both VirtualBox and Ubuntu have gone through some changes as well. It boots a lot faster, too -- from the VirtualBox Manager, it takes just 8 seconds to get to the login screen. Like I said earlier, you can choose to use any other Linux distribution if you wish to; I just chose Ubuntu because that's what I did four years ago.

But this is a fun and educational way to learn all about another operating system, and if you choose not to make a contribution, it's also free. Buyer's Guide.


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Apple faces anti-trust probe in Russia over rejected parental control app. Chrome now prevents sites from checking for private browsing mode.

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Discord introduces a better way to organize servers. Latest in App store. Image credit:. Sponsored Links. Double-click it to mount the installer image and this Finder window appears: The instructions are right on the box! The first window you'll see looks like this: I typed in a very original name for my virtual machine: Ubuntu.

Chrome now prevents sites from checking for private browsing mode

All products recommended by Engadget are selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company. Originally developed by Cambridge University, the staff who created it spun it into a company that was later acquired by Citrix.

It is especially used for advanced virtualization, not least for servers, in both commercial and open source environments. This includes but is not restricted to Infrastructure as a Service IaaS applications, desktop virtualization, and security virtuzlised. The Xen Project software is even being used in automotive and aviation systems.

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A key emphasis is on security by using as small a code base as possible, making it not just secure but especially flexible. TechRadar pro IT insights for business. Back to School Best virtual machine software 1. Parallels Desktop 14 2. Oracle VM Virtualbox 3. VMware Fusion and Workstation 4.

QEMU 5. Red Hat Virtualization 6.

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