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Track Orders. Change Language. English Arabic. Important Links. Follow Us. App Download. US UK. Thank you for subscribing! Please check your email to confirm your subscription. Our Stores. Results for - morphe brushes. All the latest offers delivered right to your inbox! Maybe you use a system with auto-update and a system update changed your graphic driver?

Maybe it was so close in the timeline with installing the preset it suddently was related? Let me know! I looked at my recently installed programs, and my graphics driver automatically updated the same night I installed the brush kit. Unfortunately, Windows 10 likes to keep automatically updating when I try to rollback the driver, so I haven't been able to test it to see if that's the reason for sure.

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But I think it is. When I have more time I'll try to find a way to fix that. Moving your brush kit to "inactive bundles" doesn't solve the problem. Thank you for your advice! Thank you so much for your generosity. Appreciate it! I've always preferred the brush engine in Krita but I'd get so bogged down trying to modify my own brushes that I never really worked with the program as much as I wanted. Now I can just start painting. I'm very grateful for your efforts and expertise. Let us get this straight, is the deevad-v It looks interesting, I managed to download the zip extract the bundle file withing, but I just extracted to desktop and then located the bundle from there and installed through the manager, I can see the deevad 8.

I just want to say you're my hero. David Revoy Author , 08 march , - Reply Blending needs a particular attention to the direction of the stroke and preserving the edges. The stroke must follow your volumes. To rub the blend as in gif? David Revoy Author , 09 march , - Reply Yes, cross hatching gently in a direction and on another angle helps to smooth. The direction are selected to follow the plane of the surface. Training with this type of shape box helps. Revoy, From Baltimore, Maryland. You are the most generous artist ever!

And my favorite too! I would never have gotten back to painting if i hadn't seen your videos and website! David Revoy Author , 09 march , - Reply Thanks for the feedback! I just started with krita and find your brush pack to be a perfect starting point. Thanks for all! Thank you so much David. I have a question, I'm using Krita 3. I wonder if there is maybe a newer version that I have to update to, and if so, will my old unfinished art work not be able to open in the new version?

I don't know if this made any sense, but it would be really nice if you could answer this.

And your art is really beautiful, I appreciate what you do. They can't broke anything. If your Krita works well for 3.

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The next version 3. Your old unfinished art should be safe! It works like a brush and puts down paint UNLESS the user hits the E key to turn it into an eraser just like all other brushes can be turned into erasers. I loaded an empty configuration vanilla Krita 3. What version of Krita do you use and on what system? Also, check if you don't have a local modification of the brush in your paintoppresets local folder. It would override the one in the bundle Was wondering if you can also recommend any good fonts that you would recommend for a similar, if admittedly not quite as good, effect?

Tbh you inspire me to do more and more! Of course I know Drawpile : I tested it last month for the release of the appimage version ; that's very cool. I like the project ; but I never could try it in network. I found the GUI to do the first connection a bit hard to understand. Somehow, I was expecting something like videogames "server list" on start ; just a list of server with amount of user, and a name for the theme. I even don't know if it's possible to make it this way. Maybe I can chat on a IRC channel? I guess drawpile on freenodes? It's a big honor that you used it! I can put you in direct contact with the main developer to listen your opinions!

He will get pretty excited about that! I'm sure! You are like a hero for us juejuejue My discord is sorry for the nickname, is because my brother gift me a sword with that name Holocausto Have a great day David! I told to Calle the main developer about your reply yesterday, and he was pretty excited to hear feedback and ideas from you Mr. We try to make a nice place in where ppl can join and discover the joy of draw with more ppl n. It was such a beautiful experience, and I want that more ppl can access to it n.

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Sorry I tend to speak a lot when I'm excited! Please Mr. David give us a glance n. Have a lovely day. Thanks for sharing this.

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I just started using Krita and I have no money for patreon tutorials or better programs. Bravo my friend. I have discovered by accident that the overview of your brushes make an excellent mini-tutorial on how to use Krita, or art software in general. Many young artists who have doodled in their homework all their lives only know how to use a pencil.

These little examples of what the tools do is a great way to get them started. I really enjoy watching and learning from your videos, you have a new, fresh approach to painting that I really enjoy and would like to incorporate into my work flow. I look forward to future videos.

Stay well. A true artist and a gentleman.

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The spirit of Open Source makes the most generous people. Your videos are amazing. Continue to inspire us all. I love you Thank you so much! I just wanted to for all these amazing brushes. The brushes will be very useful. Thanks a lot. Can you describe what step you made for it to not work? Encore une fois, merci beaucoup. All of these brushes are simply amazing! One question though, the blend tool sometimes decreases the opacity of the stuff I'm using it on Is that intentional?

Can you tell me more about it? Thanks for the speedy reply! It's a pleasure if I can bring more quality to the brush-kit. I tried putting all the default brushes in a bundle and making that bundle inactive, but it didn't work. Is there at least a way to only show your brushes in the "brush presets" panel? David REVOY Author , 18 july , - Reply There is two way : first one is to delete the original brushes using the trashcan icon in the brush preset docket , the one button in the top toolbar , just next to the brush editor , the other way is to show only the tag "deevad" of my brush kit a drop down list on the top of the brush preset docker.

I'm on my way to start painting a drawing of Tyrion Lannister I sketched out.

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Wish me luck! Since discovering Krita I haven't even looked at my paid-for painting app - your brush pack is "la cerise" on top of this awesome program! I was having trouble importing brush packs and I figured it out after looking at this. I don't think I was looking properly though Still the brushes in this pack look very good and since I am new to Krita it will probably add a lot more to it. Again, thank you! These brushes are very useful! Sarah S. Highly appreciated. Im not sure what I do after they are downloaded I open it up and what do I do after that?

I download yor bruskit-v8, but when I try to put it in krita You have given me all of the resources that I have used for my digital artwork. You ARE making a big difference in the creative work. Est-ce qu'il y a moyen d'utiliser ces brush avec photoshop par hasard? Extract deevad-v8. Thank you SOOO much! I can't wait to use some of them! Already on my way with some BW painting : feels so right. Thank you, David! I'm loving the brushes! Id like to invite you to come to my country Iran and my city Yazd.

I Will be happy if you accept this not on work just for visiting my country and its art. This are awesome, I can't stop smiling. Could you please tell me how to fix this problem. There is no "download" button. It should work if you don't skip the "Download" chapter and know how to click a link. It doesn't matter if a brush does square, round, textured, splashy effect ; if you are confortable with it and you can predict what will happen with this brush before hitting the canvas, then you'll have a good tool to do progress.

These brushes are absolutely beautiful, but I can't figure out how to import them into Krita. I've read the instructions times over, and every time I hit open, it just takes me to the inside of the folder. Did I mess something up or miss a step? I'm dead set on getting these brushes and I hope you can help me. Focus on the first part of the install. Thank you for sharing your brushes! And there are so many of them. I'm wondering if you take advantage of the popup palette right-click on the canvas.

Sometimes you may want to quickly access a subset of them, for instance ink brushes at the beginning of a drawing. Do you use that? Or do you only rely on the "brush presets" panel somewhere on the side of the window? Thanks in advance! Many time, in this version, this part of the software is fragile : it often pop-up with empty presets ; or the preset move around. My memory is very visual ; and I don't like when I add a preset to this wheel , or remove one to see the rotation changing in the slot. It's not consistent and it's hard to develop automatism with it.

Also, the color selector in middle is a bit little to my taste. So, all in all, I learned to avoid using this tool. I keep dockers around. I'm really eager to play with python plugins as one in future 4. I think I'll map all my 1,2,3,4, Right now, yes, I rely on a docker with "brush preset" icon inside it.

Regarding the lack of trust and confidence you have in this tool, maybe you can report that to the developers. After all, it's a problem if people can't use a tool they made, whatever the reason.